SpecTrue (STRUE)

~ Utility Token


SpecTrue (STRUE) is SpecTruth's ERC20 utility token and will be used for all SpecTruth 3D virtual reality metaverses and benefit from all future SpecTruth token airdrops. 


The first metaverse launched witll be SpecTruth Island ("Island") and it will comprise of six unique virtual areas: the Town Hall, Learning Center, Museum, Concert Hall, Shopping Plaza and Theme Park.  Users will be able to explore the entire Island and use STRUE tokens to unlock special feature or premium features. As an example, users will use tokens for some of these feature (not limited to):

  • create dating profile,
  • own 3D virtual kiosks to display earn an income,
  • upgrade the virtual friend,
  • reserve private 3D karaoke rooms, 
  • attend premium 3D concerts,
  • attend exclusive 3D lectures,
  • take premium life skills classes,
  • recieve tele-med therapy,
  • play 3D games in the theme park,
  • purchase NFTs
  • plus much more to come...


STRUE will be traded on exchanges in mid 2022 and is available for purchase by pre-sale from SpecTruth.  Fill out the request for more information below for more details. 





The following chart represents the token breakdown of STRUE tokens in accordance with the White Papers December 2021 v2:  




Brief Introduction



Presale Opportunity


The funds from the presale will be utilized by SpecTruth to develop, beta test, market, content development, and general business expenses until the tokens are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.  Tokens during the presale will be conducted according to the White Papers dated December 2021 v2.  There are seven stages planned for the presale with the token's prices starting at $.004 and incrementally raised as goals are met. The simple chart below summarizes the presale schedule:


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Earn Tokens!


While in the pre-sale phase, you can earn 20% in STRUE tokens awards for every token sold through a referral.